Kabbalah Bracelets

Kabbalah bracelets, most particularly those based on the well known "Red String" bracelet, have been in existence for literally hundreds of years. The popularity of these bracelets has risen immensely in recent years as the ancient teachings of Kabbalah become increasingly more and more well-known to the public. Both curiosity and the frequent search for inner peace draw many people to study the mythical aspects of Kabbalah -- the spiritual system within Judaism that supplements the basic study of the Scriptures. The Kabbalistic wisdom aims to remind us of the underlying unification between God and our eternal soul, as well as the entire humankind.

Origins of the Red String

The origins of wearing a piece of bright red string, is alleged to originate eons ago with Rachel, one of the four Mothers or Matriarchs of the Jewish people. Rachel, the mother of Joseph, was said have healing and protective powers. Four Names Red Kabbalah Bracelet For centuries, worshipers have visited her tomb, located in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo near the northern entrance to Bethlehem. According to tradition, a bright red string is wrapped seven times around the 'grave marker', which is a rock on top of Rachel's tomb. This blessed string is afterwards cut into 7 bracelet-size pieces, each piece being tied around another person's left wrist. Wearing the Kabbalah red string endows the wearer with Rachel's protective powers. The color of the bracelet signifies blood and life, and is also said to uncover the bond between the wearer and The Creator.

The qualities of the Jewish Matriarch, including perseverance, faith, and humility, are said to be transferred onto the wearer of the bracelet. One of the main protective qualities the red string offers is warding off the destructive forces of the Evil Eye, which is simply the materialization of human envy that causes suffering and pain. Ironically, eye-shaped amulets are used to shield us from Evil Eye, and it is fascinating to note that eye amulets are common also outside of the Jewish tradition.

The popularity of these items is well known as many of them are believed to bring the wearer good health as well and happiness and prosperity.

The Rachel Red String

Designs for these charms are varied and can range from the simple Red String, to red string creations that include various charms. Some can be in Silver and other might be in Gold and other precious metals. Traditionally the jewelry artists in Israel create bracelets that include variations that include Sterling Silver. The well known Kabalistic "Red String" is a braided red string with perhaps a small charm such as a heart included. Many types of Kabbalah jewelry said to be derived from Kabbalistic symbols are believed to provide protection against the envious gaze of strangers, otherwise known as the Evil Eye (see also Evil Eye Jewelry). These charms may include a palm known as a Hamsa or Hamesh (five) in Hebrew with an open eye in the center. The eye in the middle is the 'All Seeing Eye' or Eye of the Almighty, said to be always on the lookout against the forces of evil.

The "Red Bendel" Kabbalah bracelet is composed of the braided red string with gold or silver interlocking weaves. The original purpose of "combining" Rachel's red string with an interwoven sheath of silver or other metal to emphasize the combining or both the spiritual and physical worlds, with God's "all seeing eye" reigning over all.

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